Source code for tensorpack.dataflow.dftools

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# File:

import multiprocessing as mp
from six.moves import range

from ..utils.concurrency import DIE
from ..utils.develop import deprecated

from .serialize import LMDBSerializer, TFRecordSerializer

__all__ = ['dump_dataflow_to_process_queue',
           'dump_dataflow_to_lmdb', 'dump_dataflow_to_tfrecord']

[docs]def dump_dataflow_to_process_queue(df, size, nr_consumer): """ Convert a DataFlow to a :class:`multiprocessing.Queue`. The DataFlow will only be reset in the spawned process. Args: df (DataFlow): the DataFlow to dump. size (int): size of the queue nr_consumer (int): number of consumer of the queue. The producer will add this many of ``DIE`` sentinel to the end of the queue. Returns: tuple(queue, process): The process will take data from ``df`` and fill the queue, once you start it. Each element in the queue is (idx, dp). idx can be the ``DIE`` sentinel when ``df`` is exhausted. """ q = mp.Queue(size) class EnqueProc(mp.Process): def __init__(self, df, q, nr_consumer): super(EnqueProc, self).__init__() self.df = df self.q = q def run(self): self.df.reset_state() try: for idx, dp in enumerate(self.df): self.q.put((idx, dp)) finally: for _ in range(nr_consumer): self.q.put((DIE, None)) proc = EnqueProc(df, q, nr_consumer) return q, proc
@deprecated("Use instead!", "2019-01-31") def dump_dataflow_to_lmdb(df, lmdb_path, write_frequency=5000):, lmdb_path, write_frequency) @deprecated("Use instead!", "2019-01-31") def dump_dataflow_to_tfrecord(df, path):, path)